Here is a random bit of Honda trivia: the HR-V is their oldest small crossover.

The current-generation model made its debut in late 2013 as the Vezel in its home market of Japan. Despite being nearly seven years old, one has to say it still looks fresh beside other Honda models.

While the current HR-V is still a competent subcompact crossover, some of its competitors are a few years younger. The second-generation HR-V has an unusually long shelf life for a Honda, which makes us wonder when the all-new model will arrive. Now, we might have an answer for that.

Could this be the next-gen Honda HR-V? image

Spotted in Japan was a heavily camouflaged crossover with almost no identifying marks. However, various sources say that the mystery crossover is the next-generation Honda HR-V. If it is the HR-V, then crossovers like the Toyota Corolla Cross and Subaru XV have some new competition to watch out watch out for.

While the covers are still heavy on the car, we can see a few details to give us clues as to how it might look. Whereas the current model has rounded corners, it seems that the future HR-V has gone all angular. The headlights look more aggressive than the ones found in the present model, and the grille appears wider as well. Also, the nose is flatter than the current HR-V, which follows the design language seen in newer Honda models.

We can't tell if it's the camouflage or not, but it's really reminding us of a Hyundai... not a Honda.

Could this be the next-gen Honda HR-V? image

It also seems that Honda is going for a “coupe-crossover” theme for what might be the next-generation HR-V. If you take a look at the rear of this crossover, you might notice that the windshield is on the rakish side. On the other hand, the roof appears flatter than the present model, along with the window sills and the flanks.

Of course, the only way we will know if this is the new HR-V is if Honda starts rolling out teasers in the coming months. This mystery model could even be the ZR-V since Honda registered the name several months ago. Whatever the case may be, we can expect that a new Japanese crossover will arrive within a year or two.