All-new Ford EcoSport might come out by mid-2021

The EcoSport isn't exactly Ford's newest model. If anything, it's one of the oldest offered by the American automaker. It's been around since 2012 (locally in 2014) and we reckon it's due for a total redesign.

Well, it looks like Ford is finally getting ready to launch the all-new model. The third-generation EcoSport was spied recently in India. We only caught a glimpse of it, but if this is the 2022 version, it presents a very different look from before.

Don't ask for more photos of the car just yet, as it's the only image available that isn't a speculative render. But because there is no camouflage or false panels on it, this is the best view of Ford's upcoming crossover.

From the lone photo, we see a wide grille with a rather interesting pattern on the grille. The lights are also worth noting, with what looks like three LED bars on each corner. That said, those might be the daytime running lights, and the headlights could be the ones mounted lower down the nose.

There are various reports from India saying that the crossover spotted recently will use a Mahindra platform. There are also others saying that it will share components from the Indian automaker. If that's the case, this will be one of the first products under the Ford-Mahindra joint venture. There are two more models expected from the partnership, namely a C-segment crossover and an MPV.

But back to the EcoSport; when will the all-new model be revealed? Again, reports from India say that a mid-2021 launch is likely. Given the age of the current generation, Ford might want to bring it out sooner than later.