Clarity, Legend and Odyssey to be axed by Honda next year

Remember when Honda announced that they were going to kill off several models to simplify its lineup and reduce costs? Well, it looks like Honda will proceed with its plan as it recently announced to discontinue several nameplates.

In a report by Nikkei Asia, Honda will shut down its Sayama plant near Tokyo in March 2022. With it, three models will be affected by the closure of the factory, the Clarity fuel-cell vehicle, the flagship Legend sedan, and the JDM Odyssey minivan. According to Honda, the decision to close the plant stems from the company's goal of selling only zero-emission vehicles by 2040.

Not only that, but the company also wants to trim down its model lineup, reduce overall costs, and realign its manufacturing operations towards making electric cars.

Honda to kill off the Odyssey in 2022 image

Back in April, Honda officially announced that all vehicles sold by 2040 will run on electricity. The company plans to achieve its goal by leveraging its partnerships and connections. Honda plans to release two large-sized EVs in North America by 2024. Over in Japan, they plan to reveal their first-ever EV Kei-car for the Japanese market in the same year. In China, Honda will launch 10 EV models within five years; the first one will be based on a production model of the Honda SUV e: prototype scheduled to arrive in 2022.

With the JDM minivan set to be discontinued, does this mean the Odyssey name will be axed as well? Not exactly. Remember, the US market has its own version of the Odyssey, and it's still being made and sold in North America. But with the JDM set to be killed off soon, could the USDM version become the global model?

Honda to kill off the Odyssey in 2022 image

Back then, Honda Cars Philippines Inc (HCPI) used to source the Odyssey from North America. It was only in 2015 when the company decided to switch to the JDM version of the minivan. If Honda can find a way to offer the USDM Odyssey to other markets like before, they can make it bigger and plusher to compete against the likes of the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire.

Honda to kill off the Odyssey in 2022 image

The future of the Honda Odyssey may be looking grim at the moment. But with markets like North America still fond of minivans, the Odyssey might live on. Hopefully, Honda has plans to still offer the USDM minivan in other markets like the Philippines once the JDM version is axed.