About a month ago, we reported Honda's plans for the City which, we admit, left us very confused with one particular detail: the part about it being a 5-door. Now there's a new piece of information that might clear up some things.

If you recall, one of the plans for the City was simply coded "5D". Now, that could hint at a five-door model but we've always known the City as a sedan, unless we refer to the JDM City from the 1980's. But what piqued our interest was the fact that it didn't say Jazz 5D or Fit 5D. Specifically, it really did mention City 5D.

Leaked patent photos have surfaced on the internet of a hatchback that seems to sport the all-new City's face. Could this be the City 5D that was mentioned before? Looking at the headlights, grill, and front bumper, the patent photo does resemble the City sedan. However, from the center pillars to the back, it's a totally different car.

Honda City hatchback coming soon? image

For instance, the rear doors are different, and there's a longer roof. There's even a patent photo of the rear too, showing slim, wraparound tail lights an integrated tailgate spoiler, and a rounded off bumper. Do note that this is a patent drawing, and it might be for, well, patent purposes, at least for now.

However, these photos do corroborate the 'City 5D' plan mentioned by our reliable source. The source also mentioned that it will also be assembled in Thailand. Production of the City 5D will start by the fourth quarter of 2020. It is uncertain if it will be based directly on the Fit/Jazz shown in Japan and Europe.

Honda City hatchback coming soon? image

If this is, indeed, the City 5D mentioned by our contact, it seems that Honda may be taking a two-pronged approach for the subcompact hatchback market. By the looks of things, the Fit and Jazz would be offered in Japan and in the Western part of the world while this City hatchback might be specific for key markets in Asia or other emerging markets. It also begs the question: does this mean we might not get the Jazz in the Philippines?

Details are still hazy at this point in time, so we'll have to wait and see if this patent actually comes to fruition or if the Jazz actually makes its way to the country.