Last week, Toyota gave us a glimpse of their all-new hot hatch. Dubbed the GR Yaris, it is set to make its world debut at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon next January. It will serve as the second GR model to be launched by Toyota, and will supposedly benefit from WRC technology derived from the Yaris rally car.

Now while Toyota only showed a camouflaged prototype, it looks like Toyota has been supposedly busy testing out an undisguised model over in Australia. That's right, what you're seeing right now could be the all-new GR Yaris with no disguise whatsoever. Spotted by Australian publication Whichcar, it looks like the white hatchback in question is already the production version of the GR Yaris.

Is this Toyota

Unlike a typical Yaris which comes with five doors, this one has a sportier three-door design. It also has a huge front fascia that is dominated by a large air intake, aggressive front bumper, and what appear to be sleek LED headlights. Another thing worth mentioning about what might be the GR Yaris is its sloped roofline which almost gives it a tear drop-like shape. Finally, stylish alloy wheels, along with a distint rear fender kink, give this hot hatch an unmistakable look.

Aside from the exterior, they were also able to take a peek of the car's interior. Manual enthusiasts will be glad to know that the GR Yaris appears to have a six-speed gearbox. There's even a traditional handbrake lever for those that want to have a bit of fun in the hatchback. As far as amenities are concerned, the new GR Yaris could come with leather and Alcantara trim, a touchscreen infotainment, heated seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, and even satellite navigation.

Is this Toyota

Toyota is still being tight-lipped as to what powers the GR Yaris. But our best guess is that it has a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. There are rumors going around that the compact engine will produce upwards of 270 PS or more. What's more is that it will purportedly come with all-wheel drive as standard. Combined with its lightweight body and supposed horsepower rating, the GR Yaris might be a fun car to chuck around.

But with its global debut set for January 10, 2020 at the Tokyo Auto Salon, all we can do now is speculate, as well as imagine how fun it will be to actually drive the GR Yaris. Fingers crossed it will also be available here in the Philippines alongside the GR Supra.

Source: Whichcar