With Toyota making their luxurious land yacht exclusively for their home market, the Toyota Century has become somewhat of a coveted vehicle outside of Japan. Pair that with its reputation as a statesman’s car or the executive’s steed of choice, the Century can easily be associated with affluence and class. Now that the Century has released a new model after decades, it looks like Toyota is now throwing performance into the mix for their elderly chariot.

If these photos from Japanese Twitter user '50Estima50' are anything to go by, that looks to be a Toyota Century dressed in Gazoo Racing performance bits – a Century GRMN, if you will. According to a translated piece from Japanese outlet Carsensor, this one-off Century serves to “conduct market research for business opportunities.” Should this exercise come into fruition, the Century GRMN is poised to be a competitor to the Mercedes S65 AMG.

Is Toyota working on a high-performance Century?

Aside from this, a photo of Akio Toyoda standing next to the Century GRMN has also been making the rounds on Japanese webpages – meaning this is as serious as it gets as far as development goes. Judging from the photos we have, the Century GRMN distinguishes itself by black and red accents as is signature with the Gazoo Racing lineup. Gunmetal wheels and a black spoiler finish off the subtle performance aesthetics brought upon the luxury saloon.

If Carsensor and Google Translate are accurate enough, the Century GRMN may well receive the all-wheel drive 5.0-liter V8 hybrid powertrain from the Lexus 460h, and that we can expect the car to make its debut sometime in November.