Isuzu, in cooperation with TESDA, opened an Automotive Training Center in Tacloban, Leyte a few years back to help young but promising underprivileged scholars by educating them with competent technical automotive skills.

The training center first opened its doors in 2008 with the aim of providing underprivileged but deserving scholars (who must be high-school graduates) subsidized automotive training that would qualify graduates to TESDA’s NC4 certification—the highest automotive servicing qualification in the Philippines. At present, 84 Isuzu-TESDA scholars have already graduated from the center.

Now, several years on and with a few batches graduated, Isuzu is proud at what they have achieved (and continue to achieve) at the Isuzu-TESDA ATC.

“It is important that we give young people the opportunities that will give them hope and the skills that they can translate into a better future,” said Yoshinori Ida, Isuzu Motors Limited Chairman. “Providing them with automotive training is one way of achieving this.”

Isuzu Motors Ltd. (IML) of Japan, for its part, provides the funding for the project, playing a supporting role as part of the company’s “Heart and Smile” corporate social responsibility campaign. Besides the financial support, IML also supplies technical requirements that are essential to the course such as training material, program modules, practical training and other skills enhancement tools.

Among the graduates’ touching stories of better lives and brighter futures is that of Angelito Layco’s, who has taken the top award in his batch. The former farmer hails from an island in Mindoro, and is scheduled to take his on-the-job training at Isuzu Makati.

Layco had to leave his loved ones behind in Mindoro so that he can join the automotive training center, a move that he says had initially casted doubts in his mind.

“After two years of training, all the fears and worries I have felt before are now gone. Today, I have a clear vision for my future and have plans in life, bearing the confidence and preparedness that I will be able to put into practical application everything that I have learned in my training.”

“I hope that the training center’s graduates turn out to be as fine as their seniors and become new stars that brighten the workplace with hope and aspirations,” concludes IML Chairman Yoshinori Ida.