Over the years, the current generation Isuzu D-Max has seen a raft of changes. It's had two facelifts, new engines, new trims, and a whole lot of special edition models in the span of 7 years. Typically, Isuzu would make a big even with a new variant or update, but there was one that's been overlooked.

The variant in question is the LT which serves as the base model of the D-Max line-up. It's stripped out, basic, and has utility and purpose in mind. It's been out for a while already but still, the D-Max is a very popular pick-up and thus, it's worth a mention. It also gets a minor update too.

The 4x2 models now come with new wheel design. It's still steel-pressed rims but they now adapt a hole pattern instead of the old triangular look. On the other hand, the LT 4x4 sports the same front bumper design as the LS and LS-A variants, as well as the new hole-pattern steel rims. Curiously, the LT 4x2 still uses the pre-facelift front bumper. That said, both still come with unpainted bumpers, side mirrors, and door handles, true to its blue-collar roots.

Both variants are powered by the 1.9-liter BluePower turbo-diesel engine which is good for 150 PS and 350 Nm of torque. The lone transmission choice for the LT variants is a six-speed manual transmission. Despite being an entry-level model, it comes with Isuzu's Brake Override System or BOS. This prevents instances of pedal misapplication by cutting engine power when the brake and accelerator are pressed at the same time. This system can also be found in the high trim levels, and also in the mu-X. Also, the four-wheel-drive model comes equipped with the higher-spec model's Terrain Command Select and a limited-slip differential for added traction and stability in off-road driving.

As for the rest of the pick-up, it's largely a carryover design. Then again, now isn't the time for it to get drastic changes as the all-new model has already been introduced in Thailand. That said, the LT models are likely the last to be replaced once the next-generation pick-up truck lands in the country.

Prices for the D-Max LT are as follows:

LT 4x2 M/T: Php 987,000

LT 4x4 M/T: Php 1,288,000