The Isuzu D-Max was refreshed late last year, introducing the new 3.0-liter BluePower turbodiesel. It got another spec change earlier this year with the introduction of the 1.9-liter RZ4E. Isuzu isn't stopping there, however. In fact, the pickup is about to get another facelift and will make its official debut in late 2018.

So what will be new in the refreshed D-Max? So far, there's not a lot of information surrounding it but our friends from have the scoop. They were able to obtain a teaser photo showing off its grill, headlights, and a section of its front bumper.

By the looks of things, the D-Max will be getting a new pair of LED daytime running lights. From the current model's L-shaped light signature, the new one will get U-shaped units. It also appears that the chrome strip near the top of the headlights have been jettisoned.

Isuzu D-Max to get another facelift by late 2018

As for the grill, the Isuzu badge has been moved up, allowing for a larger opening in the center. It also looks like the lower half of the grill will also be new, appearing larger than before. This also suggests that the entire front bumper has been redesigned. does report that the 2019 D-Max will have new 18-inch alloy wheels as part of the minor model change.

For now, there is no word if there will be any updates or upgrades to the interior just yet. If there will be changes, the ASEAN-spec D-Max might get its dashboard from the European-spec model. It is also possible that it may gain the China-spec mu-X dashboard. The European market dash is largely similar to the one we have here, save for a larger, 'floating' infotainment screen. Chinese models on the other hand are significantly different from the ASEAN and European counterparts.

Isuzu D-Max to get another facelift by late 2018

Engines are also unlikely to be changed for the latest update, says That means it may still be the 3.0-liter diesel with 177 PS and the 1.9-liter with 150 PS.

With the D-Max getting a facelift next year, does this mean the mu-X will be getting updates soon? Watch this space.