From June 1 to 5, Isuzu Philippines Corporation held an eco-marathon with the company's newest pick-up, the D-Max. For the eco-marathon, 2 D-Max trucks with a manual and automatic transmission were each given a full tank to see how far the new 2.5 liter Turbo Diesel can go on a single tank. Both pick-ups were 4x2 models.

The two teams for the drive composed of a driver, co-driver and two crew members. The first were the father and son tandem of Sergio and Ivan Isada with their crew Arthur Guevara and Sonny Oliveros driving for the manual transmission D-Max. Second group to drive the automatic D-Max were driving buddies Raymund Dimapilis and Enrico Mabunay with their crew Carlo Consumido and Richard Rosales.

D-Max automatic

To verify the result and observe the procedures of the event IPC invited Mr. Ruben Manahan IV, Corporate Communications Officer of the Automotive Association Philippines (AAP).

The two D-Max pick-ups started off in Laoag for the first day. The manual D-Max covered 485.3 kilometers while the automatic transmission D-Max covered 489 kilometers based on their respective odometer readings. The second day added over 300 kilometers with the manual and automatic D-Max pick-ups doing 352.4 and 353.9 kilometers respectively as they headed towards Tuguegarao.

D-Max manual

Day three saw the teams headed towards Clark, Pampanga from Tuguegarao. The teams ran another 454.2 kilometers for the manual and 457.4 kilometers for the automatic. Day four was the most challeging day for the teams, running from Clark back to Metro Manila where they encountered heavy traffic along EDSA. Once out of the Metro, the teams had to drive through the the rough and uneven roads of Andaya Highway before reaching Albay. A few towns before Legazpi, in Polangui, the 2015 D-MAX equipped with the automatic transmission came to a stop and covered a total of 1,873 kilometers, registering an average of 24.65 kilometers per liter.

D-Max eco-marathon finish

Despite indicating empty on the fuel gauge, the D-Max equipped with the manual still had fuel in its tank. The Isadas were able to reach the Port of Matnog then turned around to stop along the busy roads of Nabua, Camarines Sur. All in all, the D-Max with a manual transmission recorded 2,191 kilometers in one full tank or an average of 28.83 kilometers per liter.

“We are quite happy with the results on how the D-MAX, both manual and automatic transmission performs in terms of fuel efficiency. Without a doubt, the new D-MAX is a perfect vehicle for people who live in the Metro but need the versatility of a pickup. It’s tough and powerful yet refined and efficient - simply implying that it is All You Need” said IPC president Hajime Koso.