Further establishing their foothold in the heavy-duty truck segment, Isuzu takes their Truck Fest event down south after recently holding it in Manila last May. As with their event in Manila, A host of Isuzu trucks were laid out on display for onlookers at a portion of the open carpark in SM Lanang Premiere in Davao City.

With the event beginning on August 4th, a welcome ceremony to commemorate the inaugural event first took place. After a few short words from Isuzu Philippines Corporation President Hajime Koso, Isuzu Davao President Jackson Liu, and Davao City Councilor April Dayat, clients from the region who’ve purchased Isuzu trucks were properly acknowledged with a turnover ceremony. Companies who’ve purchased several units and participated in the turnover included Nest Farms Inc., DADECO, and Eden Mountain Resort Inc.

Isuzu F Series

Starting off as you go around, an Isuzu F-series truck welcomes guests with its overbearing presence. The particular truck that was at the event was a 10-door version of the standard container. Outfitted with doors on every corner of the container, ease of access and versatility can be ensured for its users.

Isuzu NQR

Behind the F-series comes Isuzu’s best-selling light-truck models from the N-series. More specifically, an NQR71 Tilt Cab with an open bed as well as an NPR85 Crew Cab were the first among the swath of N-series trucks that followed. The NPR Crew Cab in particular is of interest, as there are seldomly any four-door trucks that ply our roads. While it may sacrifice overall bed space for room for a few more passengers, perhaps this kind of orientation may lend itself well to certain kinds of businesses. Still, the NPR Crew Cab goes to show how versatile the N-series body may become.

Isuzu NHR

Speaking of versatility, the rest of the N-series Tilt Cab lineup lends themselves well to various functions; Here we see a shuttle version as well as a flatbed drop-down version of the NHR55 variant.

Considering the N-series lineup comes in various payloads as well as engine displacements, Isuzu have provided several panel versions of the light truck with varying sizes and configurations depending on the tilt cab it’s based on.

Isuzu EXZ

If you’re in need of something that can carry heavy freight items however, an N-Series truck just won’t cut it. Perhaps this EXZ51F Tractor Head may be up to that task instead. With a Gross Combination Mass of up to 60,000kg, certainly the 6x4 Tractor Head will be more than capable of doing all the heavy lifting.

Isuzu Davao ceremonial turnover to customers

Isuzu’s Truck Fest will be held until August 6 at SM Lanang Premier in Davao City.