From May 28 to 30, Isuzu will be showcasing their commercial vehicles in Truck Fest 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay. On display are a variety of trucks used in different commercial applications. Truck Fest is also a chance for business owners to consider an Isuzu commercial vehicle in the future.

Hajime Koso

“In selling our trucks we instil at least three points in mind – to contribute in the over-all logistics, minimize truck down time, and lastly listen to customer’s need. We provide our customers with world-class quality trucks and we wouldn’t want to leave them at that – the key is to continue to improve together with the customers. We listen to them so we can adjust to what they need and develop better products.” said Isuzu Philippines Corporation President Hajime Koso.

“The trucks and bus segment plays a vital role in building the nation. It is not surprising that in the past two years our trucks sales has seen a significant growth and this is parallel to the over-all growth of the economy.” added Koso.

Isuzu C,E Series

Isuzu has held the top spot in light duty truck sales with the N-Series model. The company has also brought in the C-Series, E-Series and F-Series models for the display. The 26 Isuzu truck models displayed are each designed for a specific business purpose. These are the NHR55 aluminum van, flexi-truck and i-VAN; NKR71 aluminum van, composite van, dropside, LED van, stake truck with tail lift and palletized body; NPR71 aluminum van with side door, dropside and aerial platform, NPR85 cab & chassis; NPS75 cab & chassis; NQR71 articulated crane, aluminium van with side door and drop side; FRR90 dropside; FSR and FVR fire trucks; FVM wing van; CYZ51 mixer, CYZ51T cab & chassis; EXR51K and EXR51F tractor heads.

Isuzu C,E Series

As of April 2015, Isuzu Philippines Corporation sold a total of 1,270 units of trucks and buses, a 42% increase from the same period last year according to company figures. In his speech for the opening of the event, Koso emphasized the importance of getting new trucks over converted units. “Purchasing brand-new trucks gives more long term advantages to customers. For one, the maintenance cost is a lot cheaper plus it is also generally safer to use compared to second-hand trucks.” said Koso.

In celebration of Truck Fest 2015, Isuzu has also announced special promos starting on May 28 to July 31. The promo offers free items to be included on new fleet and retail purchases . The freebies include P10,000- worth of Periodic Maintenance Service coupon with free filters, three-year LTO registration and an Apple iPAD mini