ISUZU Philippines Corp. is introducing the 2008 Alterra sport-utility vehicle by equipping it with additional new features.

Chief of these features is a much-improved in-car entertainment system that incorporates a reverse-assist camera so that backing up in tight parking slots will now be a breeze. The 2008 Alterra now has the new JVC AVX33 DVD player that boasts a 3.5-inch monitor, Dolby digital decoder, iPod connectivity, and 5.1-channel digital surround speaker system. The new entertainment system is also now dual-zone ready, wherein the driver can listen to his favorite music channel even if the rear passengers are watching DVDs.

The images captured by the rear spoiler-installed camera are fed into the audiovisual system and displayed on the head unit's high-resolution monitor. The audio system is wonderfully complemented by a slim and fashionably designed 180-watt subwoofer at the back. Best of all, the new JVC system includes a Bluetooth function that allows you to take mobile-phone calls hands-free. This means more safety for those corporate executives who need to stay connected with their associates even on the road.

Outside, the side mirrors have been given a classier look with a European-themed design. More significantly, these mirrors are now power-folding for added convenience when navigating narrow spaces. The driver's side view is also equipped with a wide-angle mirror for better visibility.

Getting inside, meanwhile, has been made more luxurious and more expedient as the 2008 Alterra now comes with a transmitter-integrated key that allows for keyless entry-a feature normally found on high-end luxury vehicles. And once inside, you will notice that the new Alterra now has chromed door handles, further accentuating the upscale look and feel of the vehicle.

The 2008 Isuzu Alterra continues to be powered by the groundbreaking 3.0-liter 4JJ1-TC iTEQ common-rail direct-injection turbodiesel that effortlessly dispenses 144 horsepower and 294 Newton-meters of torque. This iTEQ diesel powerplant-like other Isuzu diesel engines before it-is renowned for its power, fuel-efficiency and environment-friendliness. Both four-speed automatic and five-speed manual transmissions are available.

The available colors for the 4x2 are alpine white, sterling silver, dune gray, pearl silver and starry black. The colors for the 4x4 are starry black, sterling silver and pearl silver.

The 4x2 manual sells for P1,490,000 (monotone/two-tone) and P1,500,000 (pearl color). The 4x2 automatic goes for P1,545,000 (monotone/two-tone) and P1,555,000 (pearl color). Finally, the 4x4 automatic can be driven home for P1,673,000 (monotone/two-tone) and P1,683,000 (pearl color).

In Metro Manila, Isuzu dealerships can be found in EDSA Balintawak, Quezon Avenue, Commonwealth, Pasig, Manila, Makati and Alabang. In the provinces, Isuzu dealerships are located in Isabela, Pangasinan, Cabanatuan, Pampanga, Bulacan, Cavite, Batangas, San Pablo, Bacolod, Iloilo, Mandaue, Cagayan de Oro and Davao. Check also for other Isuzu updates.