Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) celebrates more than 60,000 units of Isuzu Crosswind sales in the Philippines by staging a road trip to one of the country’s premier destinations - the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in Palawan - in introducing the 2012 Isuzu Crosswind Special Edition. In the event dubbed "It's more fun with the Isuzu Crosswind in Palawan" that was held from April 18-20, 2012, IPC reinforced the proven strengths and exciting new features of the latest Crosswind in a way that showcased some of the Philippines’ unique scenic attractions, and allowed access to no less than Palawan's underground river that was newly included as among the world’s Seven Wonders of Nature.

"By taking the 2012 Isuzu Crosswind Special Edition on an exciting road trip across a truly special place like Palawan, we are able to show not only the best traits of the vehicle, which make it perfect for journeys, but also promote the wonderful tourist spots in the country," said IPC President Ryoji Yamazaki.

In the event, IPC shipped over to Palawan five units of the 2012 Crosswind Special Edition via 2GO Freight, which was the official event shipping line. This made it possible for the province's various destinations to serve as a fun venue in which the latest Crosswind demonstrated its tested capabilities and new features.

The 2012 Crosswind Special Edition model, which adds to the Crosswind variants, is more tough and youthful looking with the installation of numerous black anodized trim. New to the model are a fixed, shark fin antenna that doesn’t need to be pulled out from its housing or pushed back in when the vehicle passes through low spaces; a one-piece black plastic rear wiper; and black anodized sharp design rear spoiler that’s aerodynamic and houses a high-mount third brake lamp with a "hidden effect". Combined with the new black with silver accent two-tone sporty spare tire cover, the various new features promote the "Sporty Black" theme of the vehicle. Adding to these are black anodized finish sleek design roof rails that showed their usefulness in the Puerto Princesa road trip by securing luggage and other outdoor gear. Completing the stylish looks of the 2012 Crosswind Special Edition are two new six-spoke alloy wheel designs that give the vehicle a bolder presence.

Providing the confidence to get them to those places, and to the Mitra Farm and the Sheridan Resort and Spa, was the Crosswind’s tried-and-tested 85 PS, 18.9 kg-m Isuzu 4JA1-L turbo Direct Injection Euro 2 diesel engine that, fueled by Caltex Diesel with Techron D, demonstrated its power, reliability and fuel efficiency on the winding roads of Puerto Princesa. The Crosswind's independent double wishbone with torsion bar springs plus stabilizer bar front suspension and rear Flex Ride MOVE suspension guaranteed control and comfort over the scenic routes. In these days of soaring fuel prices, the Crosswind boasts of costing as low as P2.2 per kilometer traveled, with a fuel efficiency rating of up to 21.54 kilometers per liter, as shown in the 2010 Isuzu Challenge result.

"Without a doubt, the Isuzu Crosswind's unmatched resale value, low maintenance cost and excellent fuel economy all make the model a truly wise investment," Yamazaki said. "Around 60,000 Crosswinds sold since 2001 are proof of this. We at Isuzu will also ensure that the Crosswind continue to be appealing by constantly updating the model with new features to meet the needs of Filipinos when it comes to their multipurpose vehicles, may these be for family or business use."