Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has just showcased its newest heavy-duty trucks under the C and E Series during the 2015 Isuzu Truck CBU Special display held at the company’s plant in Biñan, Laguna.

The event featured five Isuzu heavy-duty trucks which are the following: the EXR51F Tractor Head Golden Yellow (available in 20-tons, 42-tons and 45-tons); the EXZ51K Tractor Head Marine Blue (available in 33-tons and 60-tons); the CYZ51M Cab and Short Chassis (available in 33-tons); the CYH51T Cab and Long Chassis (available in 41-tons); and the NPS75 4x4 Cab and Chassis.

Isuzu adds that the said trucks are powered by a 14.2-liter 6WF1-TCC direct-injection OHC diesel engine that delivers 395 PS and 1,863 Nm of torque.

Isuzu heavy-duty trucks

In addition, the Isuzu C and E Series comes with a wide gear range as well as the addition of 7-speed and 16-speed transmissions. The Inhibitor shift warning alert feature is available on the 16-speed transmission. Isuzu says the Inhibitor warning alert warns the driver when shifting on the wrong gear. 

Isuzu has also improved the safety features of their heavy-duty trucks combining its highly rigid cab construction and steel door beams with features such as ABS, worry-free trailer coupling, locking fuel tank with step to prevent theft and spillage, replaceable sediment filters to remove deposits and water from oil and a protective insect screen over the radiator grille to avoid damage caused by stone chips and insect.

The Japanese automaker will start stocking minimal volume of these heavy-duty trucks, which will be available for indent orders.