Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has just inked a new one-year partnership with Wuerth Philippines. In the partnership, Wuerth will manufacture three Isuzu-labeled car care products to be exclusively offered in Isuzu dealerships around the country. 

The first of three products is the Isuzu Silicone Spray (500 mL) which removes the unusual squeaking sound that occurs on window glass run channel. The silicone spray also provides a good finish on plastic and rubber surfaces. Then there’s the Isuzu Brake Cleaner (500 mL). As the name implies, it cleans and eliminates the dirt and grease build up on brakes. Lastly, there’s the Isuzu Brake Paste (5.5 grams). The brake paste prevents the irritating noise and squeaks that occurs when braking.

Isuzu Philippines, Wuerth create new line of cleaning products  image

Aside from producing this new line of products, Wuerth will also be responsible for shipping these products directly to IPC’s dealership network.

By partnering with Wuerth, Isuzu hopes to further boost their customer satisfaction with these new products. As these new Isuzu-Wuerth products will be available at dealerships nationwide, IPC hopes to make them a one-stop shop for better customer convenience