MORE than 60,000 owners have spoken; the Isuzu Crosswind is the best solution for their personal, family, and business vehicle requirements as the multipurpose vehicle continues to serve the Filipino consumer since 2001. To further address the evolving needs of the market, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), the country’s Diesel Expert, is introducing the 2012 Isuzu Crosswind XS variant.

The Crosswind XS is a six-seater model. Without the third-row seat, the vehicle can carry more than 1.8-cubic meter cargo as its entire rear area is now a dedicated load space. This makes the Crosswind XS perfect for small families or those with young children because the vehicle can easily accommodate strollers, toys, extra clothes, groceries and other similar items. Also, the Crosswind XS becomes an even more ideal choice for business use as it can serve as a taxicab, service/delivery shuttle, or courier vehicle that’s able to load balikbayan boxes and other oversized baggage.

“Without question, the Isuzu Crosswind’s reliability, durability and fuel efficiency are key to its popularity,” said IPC President Ryoji Yamazaki. “But also among the vehicle’s strengths is its capacity to continually evolve in order to be truly relevant to changing consumer needs. The 2012 Crosswind XS exemplifies this trait.”

An added quality that makes the 2012 Crosswind XS an ideal vehicle of choice, whether for family or business use, is its excellent resale value as Crosswind models have proven to hold their monetary value year after year. Supplementing the excellent resale value is the Crosswind’s low maintenance and running expenses as it only needs P10,000 in maintenance costs for every 20,000 kilometers traveled while other brands need around P15,000. Also, the Crosswind’s fuel expenses can cost as low as P2.2 for every kilometer traveled as it boasts of a fuel efficiency rating of up to 21.54 kilometers per liter, as shown in the 2010 Isuzu Challenge result.

“In terms of offering high resale values, minimal maintenance costs and excellent fuel economy, the award-winning Isuzu Crosswind is clearly unmatched. That means purchasing one is making a truly wise investment,” Yamazaki said.

The 2012 Crosswind XS, which comes exclusively in Glacial White color, is priced at only P750,000. It is now available at all authorized IPC dealerships nationwide.