In just a little over a decade of vehicle production, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has scored another historic milestone: 100,000th unit off its assembly line in Biñan, Laguna. The diesel authority has announced this impressive feat in time for the tenth anniversary celebration this year of its formal inauguration.

The history-making unit is an Isuzu N-Series light-duty truck (NHR). To date, the company has produced a total of 58,708 AUVs (combined Crosswind and Hi-Lander), 22,283 pickups (combined D-MAX and Fuego), 7,878 SUVs (combined Alterra and Trooper), 9,688 N-Series trucks and, 1,443 combined F-Series trucks and buses.

IPC had its ground-breaking ceremony in 1995. Production promptly commenced a year later, with the inauguration of the company officially held in 1997. Since then, Isuzu has steadily built a solid reputation as the Filipino's "Responsible Partner" with powerful, dependable, fuel-efficient and affordable commercial vehicles.

In IPC's first year of operation, it immediately introduced the N-Series and F-Series trucks, the Trooper, the Isuzu pickup (named Fuego in 1997), and the Hi-Lander, bestsellers in their respective categories. In 2001, the more modern Crosswind arrived to replace the Hi-Lander, likewise becoming a runaway sales success.

In 2002, Isuzu added an automatic-transmission variant to the Crosswind lineup. Just as significant was the launch of the Isuzu Challenge, a fuel-economy contest that promoted the frugal use of fuel among both Isuzu and non-Isuzu owners.

In 2003, the groundbreaking D-MAX pickup was launched. Also in the same year, IPC displayed its very own Crosswind XUVi at the Tokyo Motor Show, proving that Filipino ingenuity is on a par with the Japanese.

In 2004, IPC was bestowed the Isuzu Manufacturing Management Award, further proof of the company's world-class production standards. IPC also staged a big exhibit at the World Trade Center, the "Isuzu Truck Attack." There, Isuzu flaunted its full arsenal of commercial vehicles and diesel engines.

In 2005, the Trooper was succeeded by the Alterra sport recreational vehicle. Isuzu also intensified its social awareness with the launch of the SEE (safety, economy and environment) technology campaign. Through this campaign, IPC successfully educated the public on the merits and advantages of diesel engines. This was the perfect scenario for Isuzu's launch of its Powertrain business. Not only is Isuzu offering fuel-efficient commercial vehicles, it is now also selling hardworking, reliable diesel engines for industrial, marine and automotive purposes.

In 2006, Isuzu introduced the NHR Passenger Van, further adding to an already versatile commercial-vehicle product line.

This year, IPC celebrates both its tenth inaugural anniversary and 100,000th production unit.

Isuzu, of course, is not just about quantity. It is really more about quality, as proven by the many awards won by its vehicles. J.D. Power Asia Pacific, for instance, named the Crosswind the best entry-level SUV in 2004. The trio of the Crosswind, D-MAX and Alterra have also swept respective category awards in the Auto Focus People's Choice Awards, confirming them to be the most trusted by Filipino consumers when it comes to passenger commercial vehicles.

IPC is also about environment protection and social awareness. It's this benevolent corporate culture that translates to excellence when it comes to manufacturing motor vehicles. In 2002, Isuzu staged an environmental show for the children of Biñan and Santa Rosa, Laguna, to increase awareness on environmental protection. In 2003, IPC donated 10,000 tilapia fingerlings to Laguna Lake, one of the Philippines' living lakes. Also that year, Isuzu donated garbage traps to Barangays Macabling and Tagapo in Santa Rosa. In 2004, IPC donated a two-classroom building to Biñan National High School. In 2005, Isuzu embarked on a tree-planting project with 15,000 narra seedlings to help establish a man made forest strip in the province of Quezon. In 2006, Isuzu established a five-hectare protected mangrove in Alaminos, Pangasinan, home to the famous Hundred Islands.

With unparalleled dedication to build quality, customer satisfaction and environment protection, Isuzu has risen to be among the major players in the Philippine automotive industry. IPC now has 20 authorized dealerships nationwide, the newest being Isuzu Iloilo.

"We are grateful to the Filipino people for making Isuzu vehicles an indispensable part of their community life," says IPC president Keiji Takeda. "This latest milestone will all the more inspire us to work doubly hard in meeting the unique needs of Filipino vehicle owners, so that our vehicles can continue serving them in their business, family and social activities."