In 2007, Isuzu Philippines Corp. continued to be a strong force to be reckoned with in the commercial vehicles (CV) segment, as it improved its sales tally in 2007 by 20 percent from the previous year, according to official sales figures released by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. and the Truck Manufacturers' Association of the Philippines. In particular, Isuzu's light- to heavy-duty trucks continued to lord it over the field, making Isuzu the clear choice for Filipino companies when it comes to business and industrial vehicles.

According to the combined 2007 CAMPI-TMA sales report, Isuzu's light-duty trucks dominated Category 3, selling a total of 1,101 units for a 58.7-percent share of the market. This marks the 10th consecutive year that the Isuzu N-Series has topped its class. In Category 4, the Isuzu F-Series medium-duty truck sold 229 units, accounting for an overwhelming 78.4 percent of the market. In Category 5 (18 tons and up), Isuzu's heavy-duty truck was likewise dominant as it cornered 60 percent of its market.

Meanwhile, Isuzu's passenger commercial vehicles also enjoyed a fruitful year in 2007. The Crosswind AUV-buoyed by the market's unwavering confidence in its reputation as a reliable workhorse and comfortable family vehicle that offers good value for money-sold 5,386 units last year, a substantial 14-percent increase from its 4,718-unit tally in 2006. The D-Max pickup-thanks to the introduction of the Global D-Max that features the new 4JJI common-rail diesel engine-enjoyed a very good year as it sold 2,143 units, a remarkable 59-percent increase from its 2006 total of 1,346 units.

Due to this solid sales performance, Isuzu's overall sales in 2007 amounted to 9,770 units, or 13 percent of the total CV market. This represents an impressive 20-percent increase compared to Isuzu's total sales of 8,144 units in 2006. The phenomenal sales increase is the highest in the company's 10-year history in the country, and is in fact, even higher than the total sales growth of the whole local auto industry last year.

IPC president Keiji Takeda attributes this sales success to "Isuzu's strong brand image and proven status as a leader in diesel-engine technology." He adds that although IPC has a specialized product lineup-commercial vehicles only-Isuzu still managed to increase and capture a sizeable market share, thanks to the company's reputation as a maker of durable, reliable, fuel-efficient and environment-friendly vehicles. "The year 2007 was indeed very special for us as we also commemorated our 10th inaugural anniversary and achieved our 100,000th vehicle unit in both production and sales."

For 2008, Isuzu has set its sight on continuously strengthening its existing CV product line. One thing going for IPC is its firm grasp of the needs and wants of discriminating Filipino motorists. The company continues to invest in extensive market research just to determine the vehicle features that prove to be truly valuable and indispensable to Filipino consumers.

"Our valued customers can be rest assured that we will continue our efforts to develop and supply leading-edge products from a global standpoint," declares IPC president Takeda. "We will utilize our strengths as a top-class automaker so we may continue to contribute to the well-being of the environment and the economy."