While their products are known for being robust and durable, Isuzu set out to prove their vehicles can hold their own in terms of fuel efficiency.

Over the course of 5 days last February 9 - 13, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) sent out a 4x2 MU-X LS-A 3.0L VGS and a 4x2 D-MAX LS 3.0 VGS to determine how far they’ll go on one tank. Two pairs of driver and navigator, along with a support crew fielded by IPC, were lined up to take the journey around Luzon. Piloting the D-MAX were Raymund Dimapilis and Enrico Mabunay, while the MU-X saw Carlo Consumido and Richard Rosales at the helm.

In the interest of fair statistics, Michael Mercado from the SMART Driving Corporation was tasked to confirm and verify the results of the test. With everything set, the flag-off at Petron Marilao on NLEX was supervised by IPC Marketing Head Joseph Bautista as well as Product Planning Head Robert Carlos. 

Upon flag-off the pair of Isuzus traveled northward, with the D-MAX covering 534.8 Km and the MU-X covering 526.5 Km after concluding day one at Bangui, Ilocos Norte.

Day two added almost the same distance as the first day. The participants having clocked 1,022 Km on the D-MAX and 1,009 Km on the MU-X before stopping at Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

The third day had been difficult for the participants, having to return to Manila from Solano, cross the stretch of EDSA, and then finally down to Candelaria, Quezon. At this point the D-MAX already had 1,453.6 Km and the MU-X had 1,454.8 Km on their respective odometers.

Day four had a short route in comparison to the rest of the days, however it involved crossing the crowded town of Lucena and then traversing winding roads on the hills of Quezon towards Legazpi, Albay. During this stint, the MU-X finally ran out of fuel at Tagakawayan, Quezon totalling 1,605 Km with an average consumption of 24.69 Kilometers per Liter (Km/L).

The D-MAX with its larger fuel capacity, made it to Legazpi with over 1,800 Km on the clock. It started day 5 early, heading out to Juban, Sorsogon where they will turn back and return to Manila. Running with its empty fuel tank indicator on, the D-MAX clocked an additional 454.5 Km before stopping at Gumaca, Quezon where the trip meter 2,254.5 Km finally read. The D-MAX returned a higher figure of 29.66 Km/L.

Upon news of the result, IPC President Hajime Koso remarked, “This result is unbelievable especially for the Isuzu D-MAX 3.0L VGS – this has been the farthest distance we ever drove in one full tank. The mu-X in its automatic transmission also gave an excellent performance; this is just proving the Isuzu is still leading in engine fuel economy.”

With fuel economy figures to back their vehicles, perhaps Isuzu will see more growth in sales even after experiencing a 62% growth over the start of 2016.