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Isuzu: The Official Vehicle of the Speedfest


The Speedfest's Reliable Partner

When event organizers were planning the first ever SPEEDFEST, they knew they needed a reliable partner to take care of the planning and logistics duties required for such a massive event. Who better to turn to than Isuzu?

For decades, Isuzu has supplied many Filipino families and businesses, small and large alike, with some of the most reliable, dependable and efficient vehicles in the market. During the recent and successful SPEEDFEST, Isuzu Philippines Corporation supplied event organizers with the right vehicles to take care of any job.

The ISUZU ALTERRA, the brand's flagship model, was put to the full test, maximizing its carrying capability and passenger space in and around the event area. Two full days of scorching heat amidst the high octane environment of the Subic International Airport's grounds will take its toll on man and machine, and having the Isuzu Alterra around certainly made it easier to coordinate all the action and handle people carrying duties.

The ISUZU DMAX was the true workhorse of the weekend, carrying the maximum load of all the event necessities such as banners, tires and other equipment needed for the SPEEDFEST. Not only that, the DMAX took care of taking all the equipment to and from Manila, ensuring that the SPEEDFEST went on without a hitch.

"We would really like to thank Isuzu Philippines Corporation for providing the perfect vehicles to handle the needs of the SPEEDFEST," said Mr. Brent Co, Editor in chief of and head organizer of SPEEDFEST. "The reliability, dependability and efficiency afforded by the ISUZU ALTERRA and the ISUZU DMAX are great things to have around when you need them the most."

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