The small SUV segment has boomed this decade, with just about every major automaker coming up with some form of city-friendly, high-riding vehicle over the years. The genre has practicality become a cash cow for car companies, and now, Isuzu wants in on the craze too.

Yes, Isuzu wants to build a small SUV that can take on the likes of the Toyota Rush, Honda BR-V and Mitsubishi Xpander, or even the Ford EcoSport, Suzuki Vitara, or Suzuki Jimny. In fact, Ken Takashima, deputy managing director and executive vice president of Isuzu India Motors, said that particular model is currently in development. If it all goes to plan, that means the mu-X will get a baby brother in the near future.

In an interview with Indian business publication Moneycontrol, Takashima said that the sales of small SUVs worldwide drew Isuzu to develop such a vehicle for the booming segment. This piece of information is significant for the company. Looking at Isuzu's previous offerings, they have never made a small SUV, if the three-door models are not included (ie. the original Isuzu MU).

Takashima didn't mention what the small SUV will be like, nor did he set a year of its tentative launch. So for now, it's all up to speculation as to its engine, specification, or size. Given that Isuzu does not have a unibody platform, it is likely that their first baby SUV may stick to the traditional body on frame construction. Whether it will be a shortened mu-X platform or a totally new chassis is still up for debate. What is most certain however is that will be powered by a diesel engine.

But one burning question still remains: Will it be a baby seven seater and be the indirect successor of the Crosswind? Only time will tell.

Source: Moneycontrol