As more automakers introduce hybrid supercars and lightning-quick electric vehicles (EVs), one brand continues to defy the trends as it continues to build cars powered solely by an internal combustion engine. That brand is Ferrari, and they recently revealed the first images of a limited-run model with the highest-revving engine found on any Ferrari road car today.

It has no official name yet, but it's called the '812 Versione Speciale' (Special Version), at least for now. It's a more powerful version of the already mighty 812 Superfast. Not only does it look aggressive, but it also packs one heck of an engine under the hood.

Ferrari 812VS is proof V12 engines still matter image

Powering this thoroughbred is a naturally-aspirated V12. Exact details about the twelve-cylinder remain scarce. However, Ferrari did confirm that it now makes 830 PS, 30 PS more than the standard 812 Superfast. Not only that, it makes peak power at 9,500 rpm – making it the highest-revving Ferrari road car ever. For reference, the 812 Superfast makes 800 PS at 8,500 rpm.

Given that the engine now makes additional horsepower, we won't be surprised if it also makes a lot more pulling power. For reference, the standard 812 already puts out an impressive 718 Nm.

Ferrari 812VS is proof V12 engines still matter image

Ferrari was also busy making it lighter and handle better. They gave it an extensive carbon fiber diet to trim down any excess mass. Thanks to the use of exotic materials, Ferrari says the 812VS will have a dry weight of less than 1,525 kg. Meanwhile, it will have four-wheel-steering available to help the stallion grip the road better.

The 812 Special Version's exterior gets larger air intakes at the front, along with what appears to be an aerodynamic fin to optimize airflow. There are also sizable side vents behind the rear wheels that are not present on the standard version. The special model also gets a body-colored aluminum panel, a rear wing, a revised carbon fiber diffuser at the rear, and twin exhausts instead of a quad system.

Ferrari 812VS is proof V12 engines still matter image

Other details regarding the 812VS remain a mystery. But all will be revealed on May 5 as Ferrari will stream its launch to the world. Check back with us in two weeks and see what will be its official name, along with its full specifications.