Move over Raptor, the Ford F-150 EV will have more horsepower and torque

Ford is making headlines with its electrification plan for the F-150. Just recently, the Blue Oval inaugurated the start of production of the 2021 F-150 at the company's Rouge Center in Dearborn, Michigan. First revealed 3 months ago, the new-generation pick-up truck will be arriving at US dealerships later this November and will come with a wide array of new and standard features, as well as a hybrid V6 powertrain called PowerBoost.

All well and good, but many are wondering as to when will the all-electric F-150 be revealed. Well, it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer. Ford said they will officially start building the electric F-150 two years from now in 2022. But don't think that Ford is resting on its laurels.

Besides starting the production of the 2021 F-150, Ford also confirmed the construction of the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center where the all-electric F-150 will be built. Once the new manufacturing plant is completed, it will generate an additional 300 jobs which will support the battery assembly and production of the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid and fully-electric F-150.

Electric F-150 to be the most powerful F-150 ever, says Ford image

But what exactly can we expect from the F-150 EV? For starters, the automaker said that it will be the most powerful F-150 ever. The company has yet to reveal its performance figures, but they did say that the electric pick-up truck will have dual electric motors, will have significantly less maintenance than a typical gasoline engine-powered truck, and will have the ability to tow heavy trailers with ease. To date, the most powerful F-150 is the Raptor which makes 457 PS and 691 Nm of torque.

Just last year, Ford demonstrated a prototype electric F-150 towing around 1 million pounds (453,000 kg) worth of double-decker train cars. These were not empty train cars but instead loaded with 42 F-150s. The fact the prototype can pull a heavy payload like that means it might produce well over 1,000 PS and more than 1,000 Nm of torque.

Electric F-150 to be the most powerful F-150 ever, says Ford image

Besides having the ability to tow more, Ford said the electric F-150 can also serve as a mobile power generator. With it, customers can use the F-150 EV as a source of electricity to power job sites, camping sites, or certain devices while out on the road. Since the F-150 will have a frunk (front trunk), the F-150 will also be able to carry more compared to a standard gasoline-/diesel-powered F-150.

With Ford setting its sights against the Tesla Cybertruck and the GM-Nikola Badger pick-up, it's now a race of who will be the first one to launch. Who do you think will be the first one out of the gate?