SMC president Ramon Ang clears up Skyway 3 fiasco

Late last night, motorists were jolted by an announcement from SOMCO (Skyway Operations and Management Corporation). Skyway Stage 3 management stated that the 18-km elevated toll road would be closed indefinitely starting today, March 16. According to SOMCO, the closure was the order of the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB). Specifically, Skyway 3 will only re-open once all access ramps are operational.

However, things got a bit confusing this morning when the TRB denied ordering the shutdown of Skyway Stage 3. Specifically, the TRB says the agency did not issue a decision for the indefinite closure of the Skyway Stage 3. So, who's telling the truth? Did the TRB backpedal after reactions from the public? Was there a mix-up in communication between Skyway management and the TRB.

Whatever the case, all of it doesn't matter anymore as the issue has been resolved. San Miguel Corporation president Ramon Ang has spoken – there will be NO closure of Skyway Stage 3 today.

According to Ang, he has since talked with Department of Transportation (DOTr) secretary Arthur Tugade regarding the issue. Ang added that secretary Tugade will "take care" of the TRB.

With no closure happening, motorists in Metro Manila can now breathe a sigh of relief as the 18-km toll road will remain open. Like before, the elevated toll road will remain free of charge. And yes, you can still drive on Stage 3 even after 5:00 PM today. If you haven't taken advantage of Skyway Stage 3, better do so. We don't know if plans for it being closed-off will happen or when management will start charging toll fees.