Italdesign to debut V10 powered Speciali at Geneva


Bespoke Italdesign supercar limited to 5 units

Following a long series of teaser photos by design firm Italdesign, they have finally taken the covers off their V10-powered supercar, called the Speciali. The carbon bodied Speciali will use a modular chassis built from aluminum and carbon fiber, possibly based off the Lamborghini Hurcan platform, to help keep the weight down.

Powering the Speciali is a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine, likely shared between the Huracan and the Audi R8. With no power figures released yet, the engine might be a re-tuned version of the V10 powerplant. Italdesign do state however, that the Speciali will do 0-100km/h in 3.2seconds and have a top speed in excess of 330km/h; figures which are similar to that of the Huracan and R8 V10+.

Exterior wise, the Speciali shares more overall design cues with the Huracan as compared to the R8. An aggressive exterior aero design is matched with vented front and rear fenders matched with a protuding front spoiler and wide skirts helps with the car's aerodynamics. Towards the rear, a massive rear diffuser and large wing help produce the downforce needed to keep the car planted.

Much like most supercars of this type, only 5 units will be made. Production will begin after its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Prices for all the aggressive carbon goodies in the Speciali begins at $1.5million.

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