It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery, whether Ford would be flattered by this new "creation" from China is another story. Addressing China's market demand for large pickup trucks, JAC fills the gap with the 4R3 which is most likely to debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year. Spy photos of the new 4R3 pickup from Jianghuai Auto Corporation (JAC) shows amazing level of similarity with the Ford F150 Raptor.


The JAC 4R3 will be powered by a ‘HFC4DA1-2B1′ 2.8 liter four-cylinder diesel engine that pops out 108hp and 240nm of torque. Despite looking aesthetically similar, the 4R3 obviously would defy its true purpose with the grossly underpowered engine.


Aside from the 4R3 JAC's lineup consists of trucks, buses, vans, pickups, and a couple of passenger vehicles based off older models from other Asian brands.