Jaguar-Land Rover have revealed that they are currently developing new crash mitigation systems involving brainwaves. As part of JLR's Sixth Sense program, the Mind Sense system aims to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving and stress.

"We believe some of the technologies currently being used in aerospace and medicine could help improve road safety and enhance the driving experience. The car is becoming more intelligent and more able to utilize cutting-edge sensors. These research projects are investigating how we could exploit this for the benefit of our customers and other road users." said Dr Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar Land Rover Director of Research and Technology.

Mindsense 1

JLR says the Mind Sense system will attempt to read the driver's brainwaves to determine stress, fatigue or even when they're daydreaming. Mind Sense will then alert the driver by vibrating the pedals and steering wheel, much like a stick shaker on Boeing airplanes when low altitude is detected. If the driver fails to respond, Mind Sense could make addition measures to ensure driver safety. JLR is currently working with NASA to find a way to monitor brain activity without resorting to the use of a headband.

Jaguar-Land Rover is also developing a way to monitor the driver's well being with the Driver Wellness Monitoring system. Medical grade sensors are placed in a Jaguar XJ's seat and monitors the driver's heartbeat and breathing. Should the system detect that the driver might become incapacitated, the car will take preventive measure to avoid an accident.