Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it will be integrating the highly-advanced speech-recognition system justDrive™ in future models in order to make all mobile apps accessible to the driver.

justDrive™ has been optimized by Jaguar Land Rover to work with iOS8 and Android devices and handle mobile applications including Spotify, Twitter, Yelp and many others.  Using some of the most advanced plain speech recognition packages in the world, drivers of Jaguar and Land Rover need only to speak normally and naturally to get their command across.  The app gives them an ‘unprecedented level of connectivity’ with minimum amount of distraction while using navigation systems, multimedia, social media apps, search applications and information services.

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The driver can simply dictate and send an SMS by saying: ‘Tell George I’ll be late’, with justDrive reading the content of the message back to you before it is sent.

“Our InControl system already allows the driver to plug their smartphone into the vehicle and then safely control their apps through the vehicle’s touchscreen. The apps are enhanced for in-car use, so it is exactly like having your smartphone installed in your dashboard.  Today, we are advancing our InControl system a stage further and to the forefront of the industry with the launch of justDrive. This moves the driver from the task-oriented, app-specific touch-based use of individual apps, to full control of all chosen app content through plain natural speech or touch interface,” said Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover.