What's a better way to highlight a long weekend than a nice drive or road trip, right? And what better way to dampen the vacation vibe than with a splitting headace, or the urge to chuck your last meal out the window than motion sickness? The folks at Jaguar Land Rover seem to have put a premium on occupant comfort, and now they've taken it a step further.

Motion sickness is often caused when the eyes observe something different than what is sensed by the ears, skin, or external forces on the body. After collecting what is the equivalent of 15,000 miles of motion sickness data, Jaguar Land Rover has created an algorithm that generates what they call a “wellness score” for the in-car occupants, driver included.


Spencer Salter, wellness technology researcher at Jaguar Land Rover, points out, “As we move towards an autonomous future where occupants will have more time to either work, read or relax on longer journeys, it's important we develop vehicles that can adapt to reduce the effects of motion sickness in a way that's tailored to each passenger.”

Although this technology is still being tested on self-driving vehicles, a baseline driving style has already been calculated; this is the basis for the wellness score of those inside the car and subsequently will be the vehicle's criteria for adjustments to its cabin settings and driving dynamics.

The Jaguar E-Pace, for example, has a multitude of seat configurations. Along with the wellness score, if you add other features like infotainment angle adjustment, plus the cooling seat function, adjustments to these have been proven significant in reducing the likelihood of motion sickness. The applications and adjustments are vast, and altering them by as frequent as every 10-milliseconds ensures passengers always experience high levels of comfort.


"This cutting-edge research has created a solution that, with its solid scientific foundation, can make travelling enjoyable, regardless of your susceptibility to motion sickness. As a parent of young children, who are most susceptible to car sickness, I am particularly excited by the benefits this research can have in making long journeys comfortable and stress-free for families”, added Dr. Steve Iley, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Medical Officer.

Jaguar Land Rover is looking at the end of the first phase of research this month. That notwithstanding, the findings are already being implemented into future projects which ensures that the English marque creates the most comfortable cabin experience for all of their customers.