Not in the market for a car? Think a memorable experience may be worth more than long-term vehicle ownership? Let’s face it, chances are you won’t be browsing these pages if you’re that type of folk. We all love automobiles and we #liveandbreathecars here at, but for the folks that need a steed that makes better memories on a single trip than the next econobox, Land Rover may just have the answer.

Launched in London last April 9th, ‘The Out’ is an online premium vehicle rental service which offers users a one-touch means of renting out a luxury vehicle – in this case, the much revered Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE. An iOS app gives users the ability to book Land Rover’s staple runabout SUV to be delivered to the user’s residence or office. Currently only being offered to residents of London, The Out acts as a seamless and transparent means of booking a capable luxury vehicle for quick weekend getaways or for exploring the great outdoors.

“We looked at every step of the car rental journey to create a seamless experience that will delight our users. Our customers work hard and play hard, and now more than ever they are finding happiness and expressing their individuality through the very best in high-end experiences. We believe The Out is the ultimate travel companion, from the moment a customer opens the app all the way through to their next enviable destination.” said Sebastian Peck, managing director of InMotion Ventures. InMotion Ventures acts as Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital and mobility services arm.

In the age of shared mobility and with people valuing vehicle ownership less and less, can Jaguar Land Rover’s new program entice people to try a Land Rover out for the long run?

This new program is also a brilliant way of moving its inventory. JLR has been going through a rough patch caused by slower sales in China and Brexit, it announced job cuts and cost-reduction measures as part of its 'change and accelerate' program.