It has been over a month since Jaguar-Land Rover shut down its production plants across Europe due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, it seems that the situation in the region has improved recently. As a result, the British manufacturer has announced that they will slowly be restarting production starting May 18.

The first to be restarted will be the Jaguar-Land Rover plants in Solihull in the UK together with their plants in Slovakia and Austria. JLR will then continue to slowly resume production at its other plants across the world once government restrictions have been relaxed. Interestingly, the automaker says that its joint-venture plant in Changsu, China has been in operation since mid-February.

While the plan to resume production has already put in place, Jaguar-Land Rover will be putting the health and well being of its workers first. As such, new guidelines will be put in place in order to protect them and ensure a safe working environment. Some of these guidelines include strict social distancing to name a few.

“Jaguar Land Rover is doing whatever it can to support its communities through the current situation. The company’s thoughts are with those directly affected by COVID-19 and with the healthcare professionals, whose role in combating this virus is appreciated by all,” the company said in a statement.

With Jaguar Land Rover announcing the planned restart of production in May, it might not be long then before other European automakers follow suit. Volkswagen has already restarted vehicle production at several of its plants in Germany as the country continues to flatten the curve and control the spread.