Who doesn't want a heads-up display on their car? Sure some may find it distracting while driving but it's better than having to look down on the gauges to see how fast you're going or to glance at the navigation screen.

For Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), however, they want the heads-up display to do more than just the bare minimum.

Currently, JLR engineers are developing a powerful 3D heads-up display that can project not only the necessary info to the driver. Instead, the system can also display safety alerts such as lane departure warning, hazard detection, as well as satellite navigation directions. They are even working on improving outside visibility during poor weather or lighting conditions.

Aside from helping the driver, JLR is also working on making a 3D heads-up display for the passengers to use. With the use of head- and eye-tracking technology, the 3D monitor can follow a user's eyes in order for them to see the display easier without having to use individual screens or 3D glasses.

In the future, autonomous cars that come with 3D displays can be tailored for personal use. That means each passenger can individually choose what they want to watch, or have the share it with the rest of those inside the vehicle.

The development of the next-generation 3D heads-up display is part of the company's 'Smart Cabin' vision. In it, they apply various technologies that make for better infotainment features, improved convenience, as well as make for a more personalized driving / riding experience.

The upcoming feature is also a part of JLR's 'Destination Zero'; the company's ambitious goal of making societies safer & healthier, and the environment cleaner. The automaker is looking at achieving zero emissions, zero accidents, as well as zero congestion.

“Not only does it provide a much richer experience for customers, but it also forms part of our Destination Zero roadmap; helping us to move towards a safer, more intuitive and smarter future, for everybody,” said Valerian Meijering, Human Machine Interface & Heads-Up Display Researcher for JLR.

There is no word yet as to when will this technology be available for the market. But with JLR busy developing it, it might arrive sooner or later.