Previously, Land Rover Classic has announced that they will be selling factory-restored first gen Range Rovers as part of their reborn series. This time, another timeless British marque will be joining in by meticulously restoring one of their most iconic vehicles back to factory specification, making them essentially brand new.

Jaguar is now offering concours-quality series-1 E-Types for a starting price of $355,000 US. The “Reborn” E-Types will initially be limited to 10 units only. More reborn units will be built however if there is customer interest. The people at Jaguar Classic will be the ones to source an E-Type for the customer, and will then be restored to its exact factory specification. 

As with most classic cars, some if not most of the parts will be hard or unavailable to source anymore. Jaguar Classic however, will attempt to maintain as many of the original parts as possible. Panels with rust thought that compromise structural safety will be replaced along with anything safety related. Customers can also opt to have upgrades their cars such as having improved cooling, an all-synchromesh gear box and brakes from the latter Series-2 E-Types.

The first E-Type to be reborn is a 1965 Fixed Head Coupe with an 4.2-liter inline six and has been finished in Gunmetal Grey. As of the moment, Jaguar is only restoring Series-1 E-Types, and has not mentioned whether they will be restoring the Series-2 or Series-3 E-Types. 

Although the price for an essentially brand new Jaguar E-type is steep, it would suffice to say no other company is better equipped to restore E-Types than Jaguar themselves.