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Jaguar reveals 2018 E-Pace Crossover


Compact SUV to match Audi Q3, BMW X1

Revealed during a recent launch in London, the new E-Pace crossover becomes the second SUV in Jaguar’s lineup to follow the F-Pace. Unlike the F-Pace which is classified as a midsize, the E-Pace takes the proportions of a compact crossover that will go against the ranks of the Audi Q3, BMW X1, and the Mercedes GLA.

Being the baby SUV among its ranks, the E-Pace has been internally known in Jaguar as ‘the cub’ – with icons of a mother and baby Jaguar cub adorned on the edge of the windscreen to reflect this. Jaguar’s new SUV is actually loosely based off the Range Rover Evoque but with many signature touches from Jaguar themselves. Three years worth of R&D as well as frequent raiding of the XF’s parts bin have churned out a new SUV that, as Jaguar chief engineer Graham Wilkins claims, ‘drives just as a Jaguar should.’


Instead of just downsizing the F-Pace, Jaguar have instead looked towards the F-Type for inspiration when designing the E-Pace. Everything from the headlamps, rear quarter window kink, and the bulging rear arches take after their flagship coupe.

They’ve made the interior take after the F-Type as well, with pillars from the dash wrapping around the center console, contrast stitching, and a mildly dished steering wheel for a good hint of performance.

Entertainment comes via Jaguar’s 10-inch Touch Pro infotainment screen that acts as a suite for apps, wifi, and various modes of entertainment. As for seating, the E-Pace’s chassis has been stretched compared to the Evoque to give ample legroom while maintaining its curvy proportions outside.

Power will be supplied by one of five versions of Jaguar’s 2.0 inline-four Ingenium engines. Clients may select between three diesels rated at 150PS, 180PS, and 240PS,  or a pair of petrol motors rated at 246PS and 296PS respectively. Most E-Paces will come with AWD featuring Active Driveline Tech that distributes power individually across four wheels. Diesel variants will also come with front-wheel drive as well. Transmissions for the E-Pace will mostly be courtesy of a nine-speed automatic, but a six-speed manual option will be offered as well.

Prices for the Jaguar E-Pace will start at $38,600, with orders beginning in the US later this year.

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