Diesel cars aren't common in the U.S. the way it is in Europe. Jaguar, however, begged to differ, as the British luxury automaker brought in just one XF 2.2L diesel on a mission to drive from New York to Los Angeles.

The British team crossed North America averaging 62.9 mpg (26.7 km/l) over 2,884 miles (4,641 km), making it the most efficient Jaguar ever created.

The journey was completed when the team reached Los Angeles, California on Monday, November 14, crossing 11 states and three time zones over eight days. Over the course of the trip, the team only refuelled the XF four times, and registered a peak fuel economy number of 67 mpg (28.5 km/l).

Jaguar XF

Yet the XF only required four stops for fuel - its peak economy of 67 mpg being achieved on the penultimate day of the trip.

'This project was designed primarily to test the potential economy of the XF 2.2.” said Paul Alcock, XF Project Manager for Jaguar Cars. “The whole XF team is incredibly proud of what's been achieved and is a graphic demonstration of the strength, engineering integrity and efficiency of the car.”

The XF 2.2 was driven by independent testers, David and Alexander Madgwick. In the course of the coast to coast adventure, the car maintained an average speed of 53 mph (85 km/h) incorporating a multitude of real-life scenarios including the busy roads around New York and Los Angeles, road works, high winds and a climb to 7,275 feet above sea level.