Mention Bride to any auto enthusiast and most will likely think of their various array of aftermarket seats. From fixed bucket seats like the Zeta and Zieg series to the reclining Stradia and Euroster seat models, Bride has plenty on offer.

But with the COVID-19 still posing a threat against the global population, Bride decided to use their expertise in making seats into something that will protect people from catching/spreading the disease. Instead of just making seats for automobiles, Bride is now also making face masks called 'BR3D Mask'.

Set to be released to the Japanese market on June 26, 2020, Bride claims these face masks are made using the same technology for cutting and sewing cloth materials for seats. But instead of using a new cloth to make the masks, the new product makes use of scraps during the sheet manufacturing process so nothing goes to waste.

Famous seat maker Bride now making protective face masks image

The mask itself features a black fabric finish on the outside that shows the Bride logo woven onto it. Meanwhile, the inside has a 4-layer structure that combines a UV-cut fabric and polyester cloth that Bride says will give wearers a cool, comfortable feeling even in the summer. It's also washable so users can use it repeatedly and not have to buy new masks in the future.

The BR3D mask will cost JPY 3000 and Bride dealers/stores in Japan are now accepting orders before its release.

Will Bride offer their masks outside Japan? There's no word yet from the seat maker but it would be nice if they could also sell them in other countries like the Philippines.