Out of all the brands from the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) stable, Jeep seems to be one the the marques driving both sales and profits for the Italian-American automaker. So how will FCA sustain their cash cow? By introducing nine all-new and revised models within the next five years.

Jeep recently outlined their five-year strategy, along with other brands from FCA. As Jeep sales continue to rake in income for FCA, the company plans to expand further by covering all segments, along with offering multiple options in between. Not only that, they are also gunning for the extensive hybridization of the range with plug-in hybrid versions of each model they will produce.

In their road map, Jeep reveals that they aim to come out with an A-segment crossover within the next five years. For now, it has no name but it is confirmed that it will slot below the Renagade once it's launched. By 2022, Jeep hopes to offer both plug-in hybrid tech for the yet to be named crossover, along with vehicle to vehicle connectivity.

Jeep: 9 all-new and revised models by 2022

For the B-segment, Jeep said that there will be an all-new Renegade within the said timeframe. For the next-gen model, the Renegade will be available with both plug-in hybrid and full-electric powertrain options by then. Also, Jeep adds that the small crossover is slated to benefit from semi-autonomous driving capabilities.

Jeep currently has two models in the C-segment, namely the Compass and Wrangler. The Wrangler debuted earlier this year so for now, Jeep is not spilling any future details on the recently launched 4x4 just yet. What is certain is a refreshed Compass, although the exact year of launch is yet to be known. Again, hybrid power, fully-electric powertrain options and semi-autonomous driving capabilities are some of the things they want for the future models.

Jeep: 9 all-new and revised models by 2022

By 2022, Jeep will have one of the more expansive model ranges in the D-segment crossover class. There will be an all-new Cherokee by that time, along with what they call a 'Low D 3-Row' vehicle. As to what this model might be, it is yet to be known as it is unnamed at the moment. The Chinese-market special Grand Commander carries through to 2022.

An all-new Grand Cherokee is expected by 2022, likely to be their higher-grade model in the E-segment. It will be joined by a three-row SUV but the launch year for it has yet to be determined. Also, it has no name just yet.

Jeep: 9 all-new and revised models by 2022

A pickup will join the Jeep range too. We've been seeing test mules of the said pickup and, from the looks of things, it will be based on an extended Wrangler platform. Like some of the all-new models mention, it doesn't have a name yet but reports have mentioned Scrambler on a few occasions.

Rounding up Jeep's roadmap is a full-sized SUV in the F-segment. Jeep says it will mark the return of a storied nameplate, which is Grand Wagoneer. Jeep has upmarket ambitions for the Grand Wagoneer, as the company says they are aiming for the likes of the Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne, and Audi Q7.