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Jeep enthusiasts hold WW2 reenactment in Clark


Seasons Jeepings

The Kapampangans probably thought they had just travelled 70 years into the passed as MD Juan Enterprises, the local manufacturer of replica vintage Jeeps, along with the Military Vehicle Collectors Club of the Philippines (MVCCP) and CATS Motors, Inc., the distributor of Jeep vehicles in the country, held the Season's Jeepings event at Clark. The event gathered around 50 vintage military jeeps and held a very special reenactment of the pocket battles in the Philippine theater of operations back in World War 2.

The Season's Jeepings Event was headed by Mr. Rommel Juan of MD Juan Enterprises. A grand motorcade kicked off in the morning starting from the Bayanihan Park inside Clark Air Base. At the tail end of the motorcade were modern-day incarnations of the Jeep, the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee provided by CATS which were displayed with their "predecessors" after the motorcade.

Other activities included competitions that awarded individuals and groups with the most authentic military uniforms and the best Jeep or military vehicle. There was also the traditional swap meet where MVCCP members from different chapters can swap military vehicle and jeep parts and accessories.

The main highlight of the event was the first-ever period-authentic reenactment of the fighting during the Battle of Bataan, complete with role players in authentic military uniforms, firearms, military hardware and vehicles. Powerful explosions and pyrotechnics gave spectators a real feel of the battle.

The Allied forces composed of both the Philippine Scouts and the Philippine Army were dressed in period-authentic World War 2 khaki uniforms with actual M 1928 and M 1936 field gear, as well as vintage M 1917 and replica "guinit" helmets. Replica weapons such as M1 Garands and Springfield rifles were used. The Japanese troops were also similarly outfitted with authentic reproduction uniforms, field equipment and gear.

The reenactment was staged by the Buhay na Kasaysayan and the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society Living History Company. A brief action at the Battle of the Pockets showed the Japanese infiltration into the Allied lines and a "Banzai" charge into the USAFFE positions. Actual World War 2 jeeps were used to ferry the wounded soldiers off the battlefield and to carry fresh Allied troops into the assault positions.

With this reenactment, it is hoped that the public can gain an appreciation and understanding of the sacrifices made by the defenders of Bataan and their role in bringing about the eventual victory of the Allied forces in the Pacific.

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