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Jeepney to join 28th Toyota Classic Car Festival in Japan


Stars the 2000GT used in James Bond and a Jeepney. Yes a Jeepney.

Toyota's Automobile Museum will be holding its 28th Classic Car Festival on May 28 at the Aichi Expo Memorial Park in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture. The local event is aimed to promote car culture found in Japan and the rest of the world. Part of the selection of exhibition and events includes a ride-along program.

One of the vehicles available in the ride-along is a Jeepney. Yes, the Philippine's most popular means of public transport will be featured, and will be available for all to ride on. Since the Jeepney is only found in the Philippines, the Toyota Automobile Museum has considered it as a “rare vehicle”. Thus, the Jeepney is found along side a LTI TX1 “London Taxi” and a Toyota Mega Cruiser where in people can get to experience riding a jeepney, albeit in a controlled environment.


A parade of privately owned vehicles will be held on roads near the event vicinity. Cars that will be joining the parade include Japanese, US and European classic cars dating from 1987 or earlier.

Approximately 150 privately owned vehicles will be driven in chronological order along side next generation vehicles such as the Toyota I-Road, giving visitors a chance to experience and witness the evolution of vehicles through the years.

The star car of the parade however, will be a Toyota 2000GT. To commemorate the car's 50th anniversary, not just any 2000GT will be paraded, but the special 2000GT used in the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice. The 2000GT Bond Car is one of five vehicles borrowed from the museum's collection that will go on display and be driven around the Classic Car Circuit.

Those planning to visit Toyota's 28th Classic Car Festival in Japan can follow the directions set by Toyota by clicking here.

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