Months have passed since the all-new Jeep Wrangler was unveiled and it was perhaps inevitable that a series of off-road oriented concepts will be on their way. As a Jeep tradition, the American automaker will be rolling out several concepts of the new Wrangler for this year's Easter Safari and has teased one of them. It even shows a name from the brand's rich history.

With that, it is possible that there will be more concepts shown during the day of the reveal itself. After all, Jeep showed a total of seven Cherokee and Wrangler models last year. These cars will be shown next week at the 52nd annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, a gathering of Jeep enthusiasts in the US. So what do they have in store this year?

The first teaser hints there could be more power under the hood of the Wrangler. A clue pointing to this is the scoop on its hood. The fenders are set higher over the standard Wrangler as well, right next to the hood to be exact. Also, the plastic bumper makes way for a tubular bull bar and is complemented by driving spotlights. Needless to say, the second concept is another off-road oriented vehicle.

Jeep previews two Wrangler concepts for off-road enthusiasts

The second one features a red and white two tone scheme and displays the Jeepster name on its fender. It also sees a slant back removable roof, giving it a slightly sportier profile. Lastly, the fenders appear to have been chopped and features chunkier off-road tires. The name Jeepster stems from the days of Willys and one of the signature cues of the 1948 Jeepster were its white on red two-tone scheme and slant back design. Unlike the concept however, the original article wasn't intended for off-road use as it was rear-wheel drive only.

According to Jeep, there will be more details on the two concepts as their reveals draw closer.