JL Audio representatives visit Philippines dealers and customers

JL Audio, a US-based manufacturer of premium car audio systems, recently visited the Philippines to re-introduce its brand and products with its distributor Winterpine Marketing Corporation to its dealers and car audio enthusiasts.

Founded in 1975 by James Birch and Lucio Proni, JL Audio remains an independent company with co-founder Lucio Proni still heading the organization as CEO. The company has since expanded its products from car audio to home, powersports, and marine applications.

"We are thrilled to visit Manila and engage with our esteemed dealers and passionate customers. By combining our expertise with local market insights, we aim to deliver unparalleled audio experiences that elevate driving pleasure. We look forward to fostering strong relationships with our dealers and engaging in memorable activities that will leave a lasting impact on the car audio community in the Philippines," said Silvio Pupino, vice president for International Sales at JL Audio.

JL Audio Philippines image

JL Audio representatives took the opportunity to share knowledge, discuss business strategies, and strengthen partnerships with their local partners and stakeholders. By working closely with its dealers, JL Audio aims to better understand the local market's dynamics and preferences, ensuring their products and services align with the needs and aspirations of Filipino customers.

Teaming up with dealers, the company hosted workshops, demonstrations, and interactive sessions that empowered car audio enthusiasts with valuable insights into their cutting-edge audio technology. The activities opened exceptional opportunities for car enthusiasts to witness JL Audio's innovation firsthand, explore their latest product offerings, and experience the powerful audio performance that has become synonymous with the JL Audio brand.

JL Audio's visit to Manila represents their dedication to delivering top-quality audio solutions and their commitment to supporting their dealers and customers worldwide. Through collaborative efforts and an unwavering passion for excellence, JL Audio aims to raise the bar for car audio experiences in the Philippines.