Joylong's electric people carrier is available as a 12 and 14-seater

A few years ago, Joylong locally sold a 20-seater people carrier called the Majestic, which was a complete clone of the previous-generation Toyota Hiace.

Now, it has come to our attention that the Chinese manufacturer hasn't stopped making the van. And in fact, they even came up with an all-electric variant, and here it is. The Joylong E6.

Joylong E6 is an all-electric Hiace copy from China image

When you look at it, it's still a complete copy of the high-roof version of the Hiace from the inside out. They only slightly changed the headlights and taillights just to have some kind of distinction, if there's any. In Australia, the E6 is available in a 12 and 14-seater configuration.

Joylong E6 is an all-electric Hiace copy from China image

But in terms of powertrain, here's where the E6 is unique. The van is powered by a 60kW (or 82 PS) water-cooled electric motor coupled to an 86.1 kWh battery pack. Joylong says they placed the battery pack of the E6 in a central position under the van's floor, giving it a low center of gravity which makes it less prone to body roll. In addition, according to Joylong's Australian website, the E6 has a city range of 300 km and a highway range of 280 km.

Joylong E6 is an all-electric Hiace copy from China image

It comes standard with four-wheel disc brakes that have ABS and EBD, plus airbags for the driver and front passenger. In terms of build quality, Joylong says the model is still produced in China, but the vehicle was tested in Australian conditions over a two-year period.

As for its pricing, the Joylong E6 costs AUD 90,000 (PHP 3.4-million), which is definitely more expensive than the current diesel-powered Hiace Super Grandia that's being offered locally for PHP 3.058-million. But with fuel costs at an all-time high, would EVs like the Joylong E6 be worth considering as a people carrier? Let us know in the comments.