Kei Miura gives first look at upcoming Pandem Raptor


The widebody craze now extends to Ford’s high performance pickup

In a short post laden with rendering photos over social media, Kei Miura teases his latest creation for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. Notoriously known for taking an angle grinder to various sports cars and adding wide fenders to them, his brand Pandem now takes the widebody craze towards an entirely different vehicle segment. For this year, Pandem now applies their widebody magic to Ford’s high performance pickup, the Raptor.

Oddly enough, Pandem’s current recipe has lent itself well to the lines of the hefty pickup. Their signature box-flares with rivets holding onto the body contour around all the complicated pieces of the Raptor’s bodywork. The recesses that tie the kit to the headlights and tail lights in particular appear like they’ve been given a lot of thought as they further accentuate the odd shape of the Raptor’s lights.

The front fender gets a small vent at the back too – though this appears to only provide a purely aesthetic purpose. The front bar gets a rather low lip as well – something that may be considered somewhat signature for Miura’s builds.

The rendering shows a mildly lowered Raptor that may prove questionable for individuals who use the pickup for its intended purpose. Once this kit is out perhaps we can see this applied to proper offroad-spec Raptors as well. For now though, we’ll have to keep our eyes on the Toyo Tires booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon for more details.

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