Kia is busier than ever. Aside from launching a flurry of new and redesigned models last year, they now have a new logo and direction to go along with it. We've barely started 2021, but the South Korean automaker has two more significant launches in store for us.

These all-new models will be launched as early as the first half of 2021. One of them is an all-new crossover, and the other one is a fully electric crossover.

Kia has several launches in store this year image

So, what's the all-new crossover? That would be the next-generation Sportage. Kia has confirmed its debut by the second quarter of this year. It also means it might not take that long before they pull the covers off their redesigned compact crossover. They could launch it as early as April or June at the latest.

The impending arrival of the fifth-generation Sportage is just in time. After all, its mechanical twin (Hyundai Tucson) received a full model change last year. With that, we're expecting the Sportage and Tucson to share the same underpinnings and engines.

As for the electric crossover, that will be launched by the third quarter of 2021. It doesn't have a name yet, but this vehicle serves as a platform for other Kia electric vehicles in the future. It will also be Kia's second electric crossover after the Niro EV.

Kia has several launches in store this year image

Apart from the all-new crossovers, Kia has four more launches this year. The first one will be the next-gen K7, also known as the Cadenza in North America. It's unlikely that we'll see that here since the market for full-sized sedans here has all but dried up. Around the same time, they will unveil the facelifted K3, better known here as the Forte. The updated K9 is also in the cards, along with a new Cee'd for the European market.