Kia Motors Corporation formally revealed its new corporate identity (CI). The move is intended to consolidate the different vehicle badges that in some cases are being used for domestic Korea and export versions of the same model, thereby strengthening Kia's brand recognition worldwide. The new CI will also be gradually phased-in by the company's more than 3,000 distributors and dealers around the world.

"With the uniform application of the new Kia corporate identity worldwide, we will now ensure the use of the same logo in all markets," says Yong-Hwan Kim, Kia's Senior Executive Vice-President and COO.

With a three dimensional typeface and logo, the new CI is designed to reflect the company's youthful and energetic image, while the color is now a richer, deeper red to offer a stronger and more refined appearance.

Kia plans to start applying the new CI to the all-new Sportage compact SUV, which is scheduled for Korean launch in August, with the world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in September. In an effort to further strengthen its brand equity, the Sportage name will also be used for both the Korean and export versions.

Kia views the revamping of its CI as an opportunity to accelerate its overall brand-building strategy, with particular focus on international markets, where success in competition with the world's leading automakers increasingly hinges on differentiation and a continuous strengthening of brand value.

"By utilizing the same corporate identity for both domestic and export purposes, I am confident that we are laying the foundation for a more consistent brand image and enhanced brand value as we strive to become a global top five automaker by the end of the decade," added Kim.

Kia Motors plans to commence a thorough campaign to replace the former CI with the new CI at its headquarters, showrooms, and service centers worldwide. Kia also plans to train all of its employees on the company's brand strategy.