Kia has been making a lot of news in the last few days.

The South Korean automaker that serves as the “pioneer” of the Hyundai Motor Group has just announced that they will be revamping their image worldwide, starting with a new logo.

Kia is making huge changes but Tiger Nose grille will remain image

The new logo was revealed a few days ago by Kia using an innovative aerial drone show, displaying a stylized version of the Kia name. But in a press conference held earlier today and in earlier presentations online, Kia stresses that this isn't just about a new look; it's a fundamental change in the way they do business.

For starters, Kia is dropping the “Motors” from their corporate name; instead of Kia Motors, they will simply be known as Kia. This is in line with their company's transition to try and transcend being an automaker to becoming more of a mobility company similar to what Toyota and Hyundai are doing.

The company is also aiming for a brand that isn't just about having vehicles that are all about value for money, but about being a brand with values. As such, Kia will be reworking what customers will experience at their dealerships, starting with a new look or “space identity”. Kia says this will roll out in 2 to 3 years at all their dealerships.

Kia is making huge changes but Tiger Nose grille will remain image

But, of course, we still expect Kia to be an automaker at heart despite dropping the Motors from their name. Kia says they will roll out more electric vehicles; they're targeting 7 new electric vehicles launched by 2027. Kia executives, led by Kia President Song Ho Sung said that they are also working on purpose-built vehicles or PBVs that will serve specific duties like autonomous personal transport to vehicles that will perform delivery or commercial functions.

There is one question that remains: will the look of Kia vehicles change, and will we still see the Tiger Nose grille on future Kia models?

Kia is making huge changes but Tiger Nose grille will remain image

The short answer from Kia's design chief, Karim Habib, is yes.

“The Tiger Nose grille is really one of the great elements that is part of Kia's heritage. It is part of the consistency that we want to maintain in the design,” said Habib.

The design chief also stated that the company will be starting on a new design direction and that we will start seeing more of it in the coming weeks.

“We want consistency, but we also want individual character,” continued Kia's design boss. “The Tiger Nose will remain in the future, but you will see it in different executions.”

Seems like we have a lot to look forward to from Kia, and it all stemmed from a redesign of the brand's logo which was initiated by the South Korean automaker's mobility company's design studio in Germany.

“This is only the beginning of our new journey,” said Kia President Song Ho Sung said as he concluded the press briefing.