The Kia Motors Corporation international homepage -- -- has taken on whole new look. Featuring an improved user interface, an updated design and new contents, it replaces the previous homepage which was first opened in September 2003. The new homepage raises Kia's profile as a major player in the global automotive industry.

In revamping the international homepage, several issues were identified and taken into account to reflect Kia's ambition to become a top tier player in the global automotive industry and to enhance user experience.

Most importantly, Kia's new brand identity -- 'exciting and enabling' is reflected in the design of the new homepage. All elements of the homepage, starting from key visual images to font selection and page layout, were carefully tailored to convey Kia's new brand identity.

It is also noteworthy that with the help of new technology like Flash movie streaming, the new homepage has dramatically enhanced the visual demonstration of vehicles and improved the accessibility of information by arranging attention grabbing contents where customers can spot them at a glance.

Finally, the new homepage has an enhanced global organization menu, enabling customers to easily locate individual country operations and distribution partners and to visit their local websites.