Kia Motors has been named 'Global Automotive Manufacturer of the Year 2007' by the UK's Institute of Transport Management (ITM) in its recent report into global manufacturing processes and companies operating within the industry.

The award recognizes the considerable progress Kia Motors has made in promoting sustainable development within the industry. Amongst both product and next generation initiatives, the report recognizes the advanced technological solutions Kia has implemented to minimize energy and water consumption, emissions and waste at its manufacturing plants. It anticipates a year of continued expansion for the Kia brand in which its first European production facility and its second Chinese production facility will become fully operational, increasing sales from overseas production to almost half a million units per year by 2008.

Mr. Byung-Kwang Jang, President of Kia Motors (UK) in response to the recognition of Kia by the ITM, said, "From the outset, we at Kia have been making cars with the driver in mind. The consumer has responded by placing Kia Motors in the enviable position as one of the fastest growing car companies in the world. This award is recognition of our company's ongoing commitment to surpassing customer expectations through continuous automotive innovation.

"While the automotive industry continues to place great importance on new creative concepts in product design and development we at Kia have responded by developing an exciting range of vehicles from the Picanto to the extremely popular Sorrento SUV. As a result the Kia brand is rapidly gaining a world-class reputation and we can now count ourselves as one of the top automotive producers in the world; selling more than one million cars per year," he added.

In addition, Patrick Sheedy, Media and PR Director for the ITM, said, "It is very gratifying to now have names like Kia becoming household within the industry. For far too long the automotive manufacturing sector has been stereotyped by the more familiar brand names. This award will further enhance their reputation as one of the industry's fastest growing manufacturers, and ensure that Kia Motors will continue to expand on a global scale throughout 2007."

The Institute is made up of individuals within the entire global transport field ranging from automobiles to aerospace and from administrators to chief executives and chairmen. It is international, although primarily focused on the UK where its heartland lies.