At the currently on-going Consumer Electronic Show, Kia introduced the Niro EV Concept. It previews a production model of the all-electric Niro that is slated to go on sale in the latter half of 2018. Apart from the upcoming EV crossover, the Korean automaker plans to roll out a host of technologies and electrified vehicles in the years to come.

Going back to the Niro EV Concept, it can clearly be seen that the concept shares a lot of styling similarities with the standard Niro crossover. In fact, it simply looks as though the Niro has been streamlined to make it more aerodynamic, equipped with slim LED lights and has been fitted with an interactive LED grill.

Kia Niro EV concept ditches gasoline for electric power

The grill isn't only for show though. With Niro EV is expected to be used in urban environments, the grill acts as a visual communication between both user and pedestrian. To assist with the grill in communicating with pedestrians, the Niro EV concept is also equipped with an Active Pedestrian Warning System. The safety system uses cameras to monitor for objects and is fitted with speakers to alert people who might be in the vehicle's way.

Powering the Niro EV Concept is a 64kWh lithium-polymer battery which drives a single 150kW motor. On a single charge, the Korean automaker claims that it can do 383 kilometers. Kia says the current powertrain found here utilizes new production technology which will be applied to other near-future vehicles.

Kia Niro EV concept ditches gasoline for electric power

Apart from the production model of the Niro EV concept, Kia says that they will also be rolling out no less than 16 new vehicles, all of which will use some form of electrification, by 2025. Meanwhile, an all-new fuel cell vehicle is slated to be launched by 2020.

As for technology, the Korean automaker expects to commercialize Level 4 autonomous vehicles in smart cities by 2021. They also plan to launch a vehicle interface which incorporates 5G connectivity, connecting all of their cars by 2030.